Import Support

Mantra incorporation is working together with the client and vendors to provide international quality machinery and raw material from different parts of the world. Presently we have linked with different vendors and suppliers from china, india , USA Hong Kong singapore and other country.

Importing products and raw material from different parts of the world is a tedious process for the business owner. Mantra Incorporation is providing support for the purchase of varied equipment and services which includes different steps as mentioned below.

1. Party conformation

Identification of respective vendor for the parts


2. Product conformation

Tally Product Specification with vendors specs .


3. Paying for imports Government of Nepal

Imports from India are normally paid in Indian Rupees. However, the Nepal government allows imports of some products from India with payment in hard foreign currency.

For imports from the third country, the government does not allow advance payments for goods and separate payments for freight. In addition, with the exception of prohibited and quantitatively restricted goods, there is no restriction on the release of foreign currency for importing any type and quantity of goods. But to obtain foreign currency from the commercial bank, the importer has to get a letter of credit (L/C) issued by fulfilling the requirements of the bank.

Irrevocable L/C is the commonly used documentary credit for the settlement of payment in imports from third countries.


4. PDI for machinery

Pre-delivery inspection or PDI is carried out to ensure that products are delivered in full and working condition. Any minor faults and adjustments are carried out by company’s representative.


5. Checking packaging list

Lack of attention paid to packaging quality control is most often to blame when a product is damaged or delayed during transit. We as a importer often give much attention to product quality control when it comes to checking design, appearance, function and features


6. Forwarding liaison and insurance  

The freight forwarder can act as a common carrier and prepare documents such as the bill of lading, airway bill, etc. They can liaise with overseas customs agents to ensure that the goods and documents comply with local customs regulations. They can also track the real-time transit of the goods and troubleshoot if required such as freight expenses, port expenses, consular fees, documentation costs, insurance fees, cost of merchandise, custom clearance and charges.


7. Custom clearance support

Mantra incorporation will guide in every custom clearance duties and tariff included by Nepal government


8. Inland transport

Respective machinery will be delivered to nooks and corner of Nepal as per availability of transport


9. Delivery/installation and commissioning

Trained technical of mantra incorporation will assist in works related with installation to commissioning of the machinery.


10. Post sell service:

As a new initiative mantra incorporation is providing post sell service.


 11. Warranty on parts:

Will assist in repair and maintenance of machine parts and equipment.

What are the formalities to be completed to import goods in Nepal from third countries?

The formalities to be completed are:

• For the purpose of commercial import private/ partnership firms are to be registered in the DoCSM, companies in the Office of the Company Registrar and industries in the Department of Industry.

• Agency for cargo should be registered as agent in the DoCSM.

• Should have certificate of registration in the Value Added Tax (VAT)

• Should have contract paper with exporter or pro-forma invoice of the description, quality and value of goods.

• Request letter with contract paper or pro-forma invoice to the bank to open L/C.

• Bank then open the L/C accepting some cash or on guarantee according to its rules and regulations to make payment through bank to the buyer in the foreign country.

• After receiving the L/C, the exporter of foreign country ships the goods and shipping documents. After receiving the shipping documents by the bank of importing country, collects full amount of L/C from the importer to makes payments to the exporter.

• The L/C opening bank sends all sealed certified documents including Bi. Bi. Ni form 4 to the customs point where the import would take place.

• The procedure of customs clearing starts after the submission/ registration/ transmission of the declaration form, attaching all above mentioned documents to the customs office.

• The goods can be removed from customs office after paying all chargeable duty, tax as per rules and regulations.

• The clearing of goods can do only by the owner of the goods or an agent authorized by the owner of the goods as per provision of law.

If is the imported mill, machinery, raw materials, parts are found different from that of the description mentions in the purchase order or found sub-standard, what would happen?

Such goods imported to Nepal are allowed to take back on the condition to re-import similar goods or remittances of equivalent foreign exchange.