CNC Laser Cutting Machine In Nepal

CNC Laser Cutting Machine In Nepal

A CNC laser machine is a CNC equipment that adopts FIBER/CO2/UV laser beam to mark, etch, engrave or cut metallic and nonmetallic materials. It is composed of laser machine frame, CNC controller, laser power supply, laser generator, laser tube, laser head, laser mirror, laser lens, water chiller, stepper motor or servo motor, air compressor, gas cylinder, gas storage tank, dust extractor, air cooling filer, dryer, CNC laser software and CNC laser system. Through the nozzle, this head and lens assembly focuses a laser beam — a column of very high-intensity light ㅡ on the workpiece, melting and cutting the workpiece to form the desired shape. CNC lasers employ compressed gas (also flowing through the nozzle that ejects the laser beam) to cool the focusing lens and expel the vaporized metal out of the workpiece. When you focus a high-powered laser beam at a point on a metallic surface, the heat density at that point becomes high, resulting in rapid heating and partial (or complete) vaporization of that point on the metal. CNC technology then controls the sequence of movements of this laser head and laser beam on the work surface to form the desired custom shapes and features. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop, home shop, advertising, arts, crafts, gifts, toys, packaging industry, printing industry, leather processing industry, clothing industry, automotive industry, musical instruments, architecture, label production, medical industry and more.

The supplied 1390 Accetek CO2 laser cutter in Pulchowk Campus is 150 watts gas laser that employs carbon dioxide as the active laser medium. They are the most common type of laser cutters primarily because of their high power output capability and efficiency.CO2 laser cutters generate a power output of up to 15 kW and an efficiency of up to 30% (the highest of all the gas laser cutters). They are ideal for cutting fine features and acute angles, especially in sheet metals or metals with a thickness of less than 10 mm. Higher powered CO2 laser cutters can also deliver good cut quality on thicker metal surfaces. The CO2 laser cutter (up to 130W) is capable of cutting a wide variety of organic materials such as wood, paper, leather and fabrics. Many plastics such as Acrylic and Delrin can be laser cut. Although great care needs to be taken as not all plastics are safe to cut with a laser.

Machine features

The CO2 laser cutting machine has many advantages, such as high carving accuracy, no burrs, and can process any shape. It is widely used in clothing industry, shoe industry and wood pattern engraving industry. Ruida control system supports USB cable controlled by computer and and also offline control system by just a U disk. The controller has better resistance to high voltage and antistatic ability. Compared with the laser tube of the same level, slim beam, high quality spot. Installation of reinforcement stings, the laser tube is not easy to collide and cause damage when moving the machine. The cutting head of machine always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged. We can see laser moving path with red pointer function because laser beam is in-visible. It is provided with Hiwin Square guide rails for Smooth running, high-speed silent, high abrasion resistance, and good load-carrying capacity. It helps laser head move smoothly, so improve machine engraving cutting precision and speed. The mirror and lens is provided with 45° mirror adjustment set. Three point dimming bolt for easier dimming. Imported Lens, suitable for various environments, and has high precision and high speed. Acctek CNC laser machine uses high quality stepper motor and drivers, famous brand Lead shine. Cheap and good performance. Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly converted into angular displacement.


CO2 laser cutting machine, able to engrave and cut various non-metals, like acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, MDF, plywood, textile, leather, glass, paper etc. Widely applied in craft gifts, souvenir, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, clothes, furniture and many other industries.


Its structure is mainly composed of hard glass, resonant cavity and electrode.

Hard glass part:- This part is composed of a discharge tube, a water cooling sleeve, a gas storage sleeve and a muffler made of GG17.The sealed off CO2 laser usually has a three-layer casing structure. The most inside is the discharge tube, the middle is the water net sleeve, the outermost layer is the gas storage sleeve, the muffler is used to connect the discharge tube and the air storage tube.

Resonator part:- This part is composed of a full mirror and an output mirror. In general, the total mirror of the resonant cavity is based on optical glass and has a gold-plated film on its surface. The reflectance of the gold-film mirror near 10.6um is more than 98%.The output reflector of the resonator is generally made of germanium (Ge), an infrared material capable of transmitting 10.6um radiation, and coated with a multi-layer dielectric film.

Electrode part:- CO2 laser generally adopts cold cathode, which is cylindrical in shape. The selection of cathode material has a great impact on the life of the laser. The basic requirements for cathode material are: low sputtering rate and low gas absorption rate.


1)Life: Because the laser tube as the laser engraving machine consumables, therefore, life has become the most important purchase index. The difference of life span is mainly due to the processing technology, and the design technology is the main factor. Generally, the working life of domestic laser tube is about 1500 hours.

2)Laser energy: Different performance of the laser tube, the maximum light intensity is different.

3)Spot quality: The performance is determined by the laser tube  mode. The quality of the spot is determined by the production process. The quality of the spot directly affects the performance of the user.

4)Stability: Poor performance of the product, the stability of the prone to air leakage, non – external burst and other problems.

Working principle:

High pressure discharge excites high concentration of CO2 gas to produce a laser with a wavelength of 10.6um.

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