Machine Design Consulting

Imagine you have a brilliant idea of exhibiting a car in national level exhibition, say, in a car turntable, which not only adds an eye catching feature to your car at the exhibition, but also can be used at your showroom in the coming days on slight machine adjustment. You might have thought of bringing in a high end Chinese copy of that machine, but cannot afford the risks of your import turning out to be a completely wrong product. Or the uncertainty delivery time maybe bugging you. Mantra Inc. can provide you with design solution to develop a product very close to your requirement to realize your idea in time.

Product R&D and machine design

There are possibilities of R&D in any field of work, be it in home/cottage/small industry to national level project. R&D may be in solving problems of lady micro-entrepreneur who wants to mechanize the process of extraction of fiber from Allo (Himalayan nettle) or developing a waste to energy power plant or building a recon vehicle for Nepal Army . Such Nepalese ideas usually stall with a skeptical thoughts. Mantra Inc. challenges this "cannot be made in Nepal" line of thinking and works on ideas at the most technical ways, to develop a product/machine of your requirement.

Prototyping to Production line setup

A product passes through various forms of prototypes starting from visual to proof of concept to a marketable form. Then it either marches to market or iterates its design based on it being successful or failure. But, the product would need a perception of production feasibility and an optimized plant layout for it before it rolls out to market. This takes knowledge of design, manufacturing and production setup. Our firm can consult on or design a production layout that can most economically fabricate your product without trading it off with quality.

Industrial Automation

Industry demand increase in productivity, control and consistency of production. These qualities of production usually stall after a level. Usually in these cases, the best that the system could have achieved is already achieved. These qualities can be better assured or increased by bringing in the concept of having it done by automated system that never tires. These automated systems are machines that sense and act accordingly to assure these qualities. For some industry, automated material handling systems can increase productivity like brick crane hoist setup in a brick production unit, others need precise control over processes like temperature and consistency control in a medicine production unit, while others may need repeatability in production like in a part manufacturing unit in automotive industry. Mantra Inc. will cope up with your challenges by automating your industrial unit.

Precise Manufacturing and CNC Machining

At times, manufacturing has very less tolerances and has to be precise. These requirement often demand accurate machining and indexing techniques. Mantra Inc. can help with production of precise parts with low tolerance values through CNC machining, be it working on plasma, lasers, milling machine, routers or 3D printing. These setup assure a precision while making crucial parts for your product. The part's design may need to be process friendly for it to be undertaken in CNC machining, Mantra Inc. can be of help in that too.

Trading and marketing unique products

Apart from the product development facility, Mantra Inc. trades unique products/parts from other supplier. It quotes for enquired items and procures them for your office use. The firm also markets "Made in Nepal" products on mutual consensus of supplier. Mantra Inc. has undertaken fitness products and gym wares, laundry/washing machines etc under its marketing wing. If you have developed any “one of its kind” product and want to market it but are not equipped with right set of skills, Mantra Inc. is the right place to be. +977 9801848000