Interlocking Brick Machine

Interlocking bricks have been the solution to rural areas, specially CSEB (Compressed Soil Earth Brick). Different private organizations like build up Nepal, eco cell industries, etc, have been continuously working on the development of numerous earthquake demolition areas to construct house with CSEB technology in Nepal. This technology is specially targeted to rural areas considering the difficulty in pre requisites transportation for concrete houses.

About the cost of construction of a house with CSEB technology, it requires no more than 5-7 lakhs to construct a single storey building. The specialty of this technology is that it requires minimal brick construction process unlike the fire bricks. All it needs is a simple machine to operate by a couple of persons only.

इनटरलाकिंग ब्रिक मेसिन

Benefits and advantages of manual hydraulic press machine (Model: AS 2-160)

-          Consists of dual chambers for faster brick production rate.

-          Can be dissembled to minor components to add ease in transportation.

-          Most of the components fabricated in Nepal, maintenance easier.

-          Uses hydraulic compression of 30 Ton compaction to reduce the human effort, by 500 % and increase the capacity by 200 %.

-          Cost comparative to the manual press interlocking brick making machine which uses 100% human effort.

-          Mould easily changeable for any shape of die used in Nepal, mould can be changed within 10 minutes.

-          Simple and easier to handle by any lay man.

-          Small and compact for easier transportation.

-          Produces 1000 to 1500 bricks per 8hour shift.

Fig: Manual hydraulic press interlocking brick machine developed by Mantra Inc.


-            Completely modular in design, can be dissembled and transported easily.

-            Pressing with hydraulic with manual lever

-            Locking and unlocking mechanism are less time consuming

-            Uses more than 10 times less human force

-            Roller based trolley for easy push pull

-            Internationally certified hydraulic jack

-            Production rate: 8000 bricks per day on operation by 3 working persons.

-            Cost: Please contact for detail inquiry


Hollander beaters are machines developed used to produce paper pulp from cellulose containing plant fibers. The objective of using a beater (rather than another process like grinding, as many wood-pulp mills do) is to create longer, hydrated, fibrillated fibers in small scale handmade paper production setup.


·         The size of machines can vary based on processing capacity (from 50l to 600l of hydrated slurry/pulp )

·         The machine is modular in design, so, can be transported and assembled at rural corners of country.

·         The machine runs on 220V AC electric supply ( 0.5 HP to 3 HP power requirement).

·         The material (Mild Steel /Stainless steel/ SS304) and mechanism used to beat fibers into pulps depends on the input and processing requirements of the setup.

·         The beaters have adjustable handles to control processing quality of pulp.


Mantra Compression test rig is a compact platform upon which compression test can be done for brittle materials such as rock, brick. Measuring the maximum compressive load/pressure using previously available test rigs may be inconvenient for materials brittle material as these machines are not quite sensitive at lower spectrum of measurement. MCTR-1200 can solve that problem as it is designed to measure lower values of forces and pressure. The idea for this product evolved as one of our clients demanded a handy setup that could measure compressive strength of Compact Stabilized Earth Bricks (CSEB).   


·         The test rig has manually operated hydraulic ram to generate force/pressure

·         This rig can measure compression strength between  0 to  1200 psi (ie 8.25 Mpa)

·         Force as high as 180kN can be produced.

·         The total rig weighs about 40 kg and can be dismantled in parts.

·         To measure strengths of bricks, specific dies can be mounted atop of frames.

Small Enterprise based Paper Production Plant

Small Enterprise based Paper Production Plant

  • The designed machines can process Argeli/Lokta /Waste paper to produce Nepali hand made paper. 
  • The system can be sized based on production requirements of the plant
  • It consists of the following machines:

1.       Hollander Beater                       2. Vibrating Screen          3. Pulp mixer       4. Pumps

5. Headbox                        6. Fourdrinier Rolls        7. Conveyer rolls

8. Sun drying plates

Nettle Processing Unit (Allo Processing Unit)

Micro Enterprise based Nettle Processing Plant


  • The plant is built with sets of machine that can take in dry nettle bark and transform it into thread.
  • The main job of the operator is to feed in raw material into the machine, check the status of fiber to assure the required qualities.
  • The plant consists of following machines:

1. Roller          2. Beater          3. Hackle             4. Charkha

5. Allo Cooking Vessel (Under development)    6. Fabric Pressing Rolls (Under development)

7. Fiber Washing and dewatering Machine

Please hold on to end of may 2018 for detail working of the machine.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor system for your factory layout. Length and width can be varied accordingly with your specifications. Please contact us in mail or social media for details on the availability of the conveyor to your requirement.

Available width of the belts:

18 inches || 24 inches || 32 inches || 34 inches || 36 inches +977 9801848000