March 10, 2018


Turntables are brilliant products for exhibiting a car in exhibition cum launch program. They, not only drag all the attention into the lit car that is revolving in the center of the show, but can also be used in your showrooms in the days to come.

·         The turntable’s size depends on that of a car. The total weight of the system will be around 500 kg . The speed of the turntable will be 0.5 to 1 rotation per minute.

·         Can be assembled in the place of exhibition in about an hour.

·         Requires normal electric power source (220V 5 Amp. Single phase AC supply) and an area where car can revolve around.

·         Can be shifted to the showroom and used for car display every day


The variant of this product may be used in product displays in bike exhibits, boutiques and 360 products photography.

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